What is regulatory requirement , importance & disadvantage and its linkage with IATF 16949 QMS

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  • What is regulatory requirement:
  • key terms related to regulatory requirement:
  • Definition of Regulatory Compliance
  • Why is regulatory compliance important?
  • Importance of compliance of regulatory requirement:
  • Disadvantages of non-compliance of regulatory requirement:
  • Examples of regulatory requirement:
  • Requirement of IATF for regulatory requirement:

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What is Regulatory requirement:

In general, compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law. Regulatory compliance is tells about the goal that organizations defined to achieve in their process and to ensure that organisation employee are aware about their gaols and taking action to achieve goals to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations.

Key terms related to regulatory requirement

First we have to understand the key terms

Compliance: It is define as the action which hare taken by any organization compliance:

Compliance means adherence. Thus, Regulatory Compliance means adhering to rules and regulations. Regulatory Compliance in HR refers to the adherence of all rules related requirement that an organization should adhere to in dealing with its employees.

A regulatory requirement is defined as a rule that a government entity imposes on an organization. Some central and state laws govern related to all organizations. Regulations govern how organizations manage their business and employees and how they interact with customers, among many other areas etc.


Why is regulatory compliance important?

As we know rules and regulation are increasing with passage of time so regulatory compliance management has become more prominent in organizations.  the regulatory requirement are very important to comply by an organization to run the organization smoothly .Because if any organization is not following the compliance of Regulatory requirement it will leads dissatisfaction in organization and disruption in business. So it’s very important to compliance of regulatory requirement .below are the key importance of regulatory requirement compliance:


Importance of compliance of regulatory requirement:

  • Compliance of regulatory requirement build confidence of customer on organization.
  • It help to run smooth each and every function of organization.
  • Regulatory compliance processes and strategies provide guidance for organizations as they strive to attain their business goals.
  • It help to build a brand image.
  • It helps to create customer base
  • It helps to catch the business opportunities in world wide.
  • It shows the dedication and directives of management towards Regulatory requirement.


Disadvantages of non-compliance of regulatory requirement:

As we know non-compliance of regulatory requirement it will result in difficult to achieve the organization goals which can Detroit the performance of organization and create disruption in smooth running of organization. Here are few of drawbacks of non-compliance of Regulatory:

  • It can leads to failure to achieve target
  • It increase customer dissatisfaction
  • In can leads to penalty from customer
  • Penalty from filed failure.
  • It create bad image of organization in society and market

Some of the rules and regulation are listed below:

The following are some labour Acts in India that require a list of company Regulatory compliance:

Here are some regulations that apply to specific industries, areas of commerce, or other entities:

Examples of regulatory requirement:

  • Financial institutions and transactions
  • Healthcare
  • Employment and labour law (see details below)
  • Environmental, including the following:
  • Pollution and climate change
  • Use and disposal of chemicals
  • Business and tax code, including the following:
  • Corporate identity and business structure, including recording and reporting
  • Tax code and taxation requirements
  • Antitrust laws
  • State licensing
  • Interstate commerce laws
  • License and permitting laws

Requirement of IATF for regulatory requirement:

As we know IATF is International standard for automotive industry which provide the information about the defined requirement for implementation the well-established system to fulfil the customer requirement without any failure.

IATF 16949 is major focus on requirement related to Regulatory requirement that’s why a specific clause number is given to implement requirement for Regulatory requirement:

Which are mentioned below:

As per IATF standard a clause number named as Regulatory and regulatory requirements. Regulatory and regulatory requirements

  • In this clause IATF mentioned key requirement which his mandatory for organisation to comply to achieve high level of satisfaction of customer.
  • Below are the key requirement
  • These all are shall requirement so organisation must implement these otherwise it will leads to non-conformity in eternal audit.
  • Organization have make a document for process
  • Process to ensure that purchased products, processes, and services which are being used by organisation are
  • Conform to the current applicable Regulatory and regulatory requirements as per applicability
  • These are applicable to country where shipment is being receipt, and country where it is being shipment and the customer identified country of destination as per applicability.
  • It is applicable to all items as per customer information
  • Organization have to follow and implement all control which is defined by customer based on product applicability with respect to Regulatory and regulatory requirements,
  • All these requirement have to communicate to all members of supply chain, supplier etc. and organisation have to ensure implementation of these control at supplier end also.

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